Park Bo Young she has had her eye on Park Hyung Sik for a long time

In a recent interview, actress Park Bo Youngconfessed that she has had her eye on “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” co-star Park Hyung Sik since his early idol days.

“I’ve been watching Park Hyung Sik since his ZE:A days. I know all of their title songs and even got tested on their songs by Park Hyung Sik,” she said with a laugh, “We would even play ZE:A songs on set and Hyung Sik would dance the choreography to their songs.” 

Park Bo Young also talked about working with younger actors through “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and said, “Park Hyung Sik has a lot of aegyo (cuteness) while Ji Soo, perhaps because he has an older sister, was really good at taking care of others. Ji Soo continued to use a formal tone with me until the very end; however, Park Hyung Sik, talked to me informally right away and said ‘Bong Soon-ah, have you eaten yet?’ They are charming in completely opposite ways.” 

Regarding Park Hyung Sik’s signature sweet gaze that partially caused many to believe that the two co-stars were dating, Park Bo Young responded, “I wasn’t the only one Park Hyung Sik looked at like that. He even looks at the male actors like that. He’s just an individual who naturally has a sweet gaze. If he only looked at me like that, I definitely would have swooned but he even looks at the director like that.” 

SOURCE: Soompi 



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