Highlight’s Kikwang Official Schedule Plan for “ONE” 

Around US Entertainment continues to tease the release of Kikwang‘s 1st solo mini album ‘ONE‘.

An official schedule plan was unveiled starting with a teaser countdown on August 16. From concept photos to music clips to the MV teaser, it all leads up to the full release on September 4. As for the comeback schedule plan photograph itself, it appears it was taken in London, so you might see the city more with the release of more teasers. 

SOURCE: Allkpop, Around Us Entertainment 

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Red Velvet Teasers For SM STATION Track “Rebirth”

SM STATION recently announced that their next artist will be none other than popular girl group Red Velvet!

In the teaser, the members narrate over a beautiful illustration. They imitate a subway stop announcement, stating that they will be releasing a remake of Yoon Jong Shin’s famous song “Rebirth.”

The song will be released on SM STATION on August 18 at 6 p.m. KST. 

SOURCE: Soompi, SM Entertainment 


Wanna One Have Made Over $17 million In 2 Months

Wanna One is looking to gain over 26 million USD in revenues by the end of 2017 if they steadily continue their success at their current rate. 

According to E Daily, Wanna One currently made over 17 million USD in total revenue from endorsements, album sales, concerts, and sales of goods since their formation in June. 

The boy group from ‘Produce 101‘ season 2 started signing various endorsements and filming CFs even before their official debut in August. Currently, Wanna One is the official models for 8 major brands including cosmetics, chocolate, game, school uniforms, smart phones, beer, and more.  

Their debut album ‘1×1=1 (To Be One)‘ also sold over 500,000 copies during the presale and another 400,000 copies just in the first week. Considering the price of the albums (18,500 KRW/ 16 USD per album), it’s assumed Wanna One earned over 6 million USD just from album sales alone.  

Wanna One’s debut showcase concert that took place on August 7 at Gochoek Sky Dome is assumed to have drawn over 2 million USD in revenue. All of the tickets to the 20,000 seats were immediately sold out, leading to a ticket revenue of approximately 578,000 USD. Various merchandise such as the light stick, figurines, and more sold at the event are also assumed to have brought in a hefty revenue. 

More Wanna One goods such as transportation cards, member figurines, and more are continuing to be sold with outstanding popularity. At this rate, Wanna One is expected to easily surpass the profit made by IOI and follow the records set by top boy groups EXO and BTS

A pop music critic Kang Tae Kyu commented, “The agency of now world star BTS made about 31 million USD in revenue last year. It’s shocking how Wanna One is looking to achieve 26 million USD in just half a year. Wanna One is looking forward to adding strength to Hallyu and reviving various industries in the nation.” 

SOURCE: Allkpop, E Daily 


AOA’s Seolhyun Have Over 200 These Objects In Her Collection 

AOA’s visual goddess caused a buzz after sharing her unusual collection on Instagram. 
Seolhyun’s visuals are no joke and neither is her massive collection of tumblers! 

They are taking up the entire wall in her lavish new home

This impressive collection of 200 different pieces lights up the room with their beautiful colors! 

Every day a different tumbler for her morning coffee!  

Even during her early days, her love for tumblers were evident. 

Fans can’t help but wonder – how long did it take to collect 200 of these? 

SOURCE: Koreaboo 


FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Showed his Cute Jealousy Towards his Friend Kim Soohyun 

On the August 7 broadcast of JTBC’s “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator,” FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki dished out on his mother’s love for Kim Soo Hyun. 

The MCs asked whether people visit Lee Hong Ki’s house. He answered, “Kim Soo Hyun is a frequenter.”

He continued, “My mother laughs like I’ve never seen before when Kim Soo Hyun comes over. Even food that I’ve never seen on the table before appears.”

The MCs fanned the flames by adding, “In the preliminary interview with Lee Hong Ki’s mother, she said, ‘Our Soo Hyun comes over frequently.’” The studio erupted in laughter when Lee Hong Ki replied, “Why does it have to be ‘our’ Soo Hyun?” 

SOURCE: Soompi 


FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Revealed that the FTISLAND Members Had Plans to Enlist in the Army Together

Broadcasted on August 7, JTBC’s ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator‘ had F.T. Island‘s Hongki as a featured guest where he shared his military enlistment plans.

As the band recently celebrated their 10th-year anniversary, Hongki stated, “As a band, we are really proud to have made it this far, as many mentioned that it would be difficult for a group to last ten years.” 

He then continued, “All of our members are close.  We never thought about acting alone.  That’s because none of us are suited for acting.”

Hongki also revealed that the members had plans to enlist in the army together, Jonghun and I happen to be the oldest members.  If the two of us go, there’s not much for the remaining maknaes to do.  We are usually frank about everything and asked them what they are going to do once we leave for the army and they said nothing in particular.  So we told them to join us.”  

SOURCE: Allkpop 


Lee Jong Suk Delayed His Military Enlistment 

Though he was initially scheduled to enlist on August 10, his agency YG Entertainment has now announced there’s been a change of plans. On August 4, the label stated, “Though Lee Jong Suk was recently called to enlist for the country, he’s already signed on as the lead of a movie and drama. He doesn’t think of his responsibility lightly, so it’s been decided that his enlistment will be delayed.”

Lee Jong Suk also stated, “I feel apologetic as I’m enlisting later than my peers, and I understand that it’s something that I must do as a Korean man. I will faithfully fulfill my duty to defend the country. When my enlistment time comes, I’ll be sure to tell my fans.”

In other news, Lee Jong Suk’s film ‘V.I.P‘ premieres on the 24th, and his SBS drama ‘While You Were Sleeping‘ is set to premiere in September. 

SOURCE: Allkpop, YG Entertainment