NU’EST Minhyun Broke Into Tears…For This Heartbreaking Reason 

Minhyun wasn’t able to celebrate becoming part of WANNA ONE for this one reason. 

In the final ranking, Hwang Minhyun ranked 9th which made him part of the final 11. 
Unfortunately, his fellow NU’EST members weren’t able to join him. 

After the show ended, the remaining members hugged one another for a job well done. 

Although Minhyun made it, he couldn’t fully celebrate along with the other winners. 

After giving a few hugs, he stood off to the side and cried by himself. 

Feeling apologetic towards his members, Minhyun couldn’t approach the others who didn’t make it. 
But the Produce 101 cast wouldn’t let Minhyun suffer alone; Yoo Seonho tried his best to comfort him by acting cute and giving him hugs. 

Kim Jonghyun went over to comfort Minhyun and started a group hug. 

Choi Minki patiently waited for his turn to hug Minhyun. 
Backstage, his members comforted him by telling him not to cry and that it was okay since at least one of them made it. 

Afterward, Minhyun thanked everyone who supported him and tagged all the NU’EST members in the post.

“Thank you for letting me experience so much happiness. I’ll never forget it. I love you”— Minhyun 

Fans are eagerly hoping to see NU’EST reunited again once Minhyun’s WANNA ONE contract ends. 



“Produce 101 Season 2” FNC Entertainment Trainee Yoo Hoe Seung To Join N.Flying As New Member 

FNC Entertainment trainee Yoo Hoe Seung, who recently appeared as a contestant on “Produce 101 Season 2,” will be joining the band N.Flying as their newest member.

N.Flying’s leader Lee Seung Hyub posted on the group’s fan cafe on June 19 to tell fans the big news. “Both myself and the members, who really love N.Flying, have always wanted to improve musically,” he said. He went on to state that the group knew that they’d be able to have more freedom in their own positions if they added another member, but they have been worried about fans’ reactions. 

He announced, “After a lot of thought, we decided to welcome Yoo Hoe Seung as N.Flying’s new member.”

Lee Seung Hyub explained that N.Flying had started collaborating with Yoo Hoe Seung occasionally before he appeared on “Produce 101 Season 2,” and they decided that it would be best to work with him as a member of the team rather than simply collaborate with him on music.

“It may be hard for our fans to accept the sudden news of a new member as you’ve become tired after two long years in which we haven’t made a comeback,” he said. “But you’ll be able to see us go even farther, and we’ll work hard to make better music for you. This isn’t something we are doing lightly.”

N.Flying announced back in February that they were looking for a new member ahead of their upcoming comeback.

Yoo Hoe Seung gained many fans during his time on “Produce 101 Season 2,” through which he was able to show his impressive vocal talents and fun personality. He was eliminated from the show when he came in at No. 39 when the top 35 was announced. You can watch him perform the concept challenge song “Show Time” on his own here



Pledis Entertainment confirms NU’EST comeback 

NU’EST is coming back soon.

Pledis Entertainment confirmed, “A lot of fans are wanting NU’EST to promote after Kang Dong HoKim Jong Hyun, and Choi Min Ki disappointingly missed the Wanna One cut off. We are preparing a comeback for the later half of the year as a 4-member group with Aron.” Minhyun, as a member of Wanna One, is not allowed to have double promotions with another group. 

They also added, “We know that even the media wants NU’EST to promote. It all happened over the weekend, so we’re still dumbfounded. We will be calling the members in today and start talking about their comeback.” 

UPDATE: Pledis Entertainment’s official statement:

” Hello, this is Pledis Entertainemnt.

We thank the nation’s producers who hace showed much love to Jonghyun, Minhyun, Minki, and Dongho during ‘Produce 101‘ for the past four months, as well as the LOㅅEs who have supported the road they took.

As you know, Minhyun will be seeing fans as a Wanna One member until December 31st, 2018. We will also do our best so Minhyun can give back to all the love he has received.

Also, Jonghyun, Minki, and Dongho will be preparing to meet fans once again with Aron, who has been waiting during the ‘Produce 101’ period. Jonghyun, Minki, and Dongho’s break is first and foremost, so we do not have things in detail. But we will work hard so the fans who have been waiting for and supporting them can see the four of them soon.

We will all work hard so that the road that Jonghyun, Minhyun, Minki, Dongho, and Aron have walked for the past five years, no matter how difficult, was not for nothing, and so that their future road can be happy. And we hope everyone can watch over their road always. We once again thank you for the love you have shown the five members. ” 



“Produce 101 Season 2” Lee Woo Jin Is A Guest Appearance To Upcoming Clon’s Music Video 

Lee Woo Jin, the youngest contestant of “Produce 101 Season 2,” will be making a surprise appearance in Clon’s upcoming music video.

On June 18, Clon’s Koo Jun Yup posted a series of photos and videos on his Instagram account with the captions, “Our cute Woo Jin will be making a guest appearance in Clon’s music video. An uncle and nephew’s shuffle dance. Our lovely Woo Jin.” 

On another set of photos, he wrote, “I got to teach Woo Jin ‘Cutting Shapes (shuffle)’ for our new music video, and he picked up on it so quickly! He’s a natural and really talented. So proud of our Woo Jin. Be my son!”

Woo Jin also shared a few of the photos on his own Instagram account, and it will be interesting to see what the final music video will look like! 

Lee Woo Jin is currently under the same label, Media Line Entertainment, as Clon.

Clon will be releasing a new album on June 29 to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The duo will be dropping a pre-release track on June 20, and the song is set to feature singer Ailee



Wanna One’s Ong Sung Woo will be appearing in a short film! 

Before joining “Produce 101 Season 2,” Ong Sung Woo had participated in a project called “Short Film Project: Beginning” with other Fantagio trainees who will soon debut as part of an actor group named SURPRISE U. Previously, Fantagio clarified that they will be releasing Ong Sung Woo’s short film, but he will not be joining the group

Five short films of the SURPRISE U members have already been released, and Ong Sung Woo’s will be the sixth one. It will be released on June 19 KST through Fantagio’s official Naver TV channel. 



NU’EST songs have shot back up on charts after the end of ‘Produce 101’ 

AT 4AM on the 17th, (the hour right after ‘Produce 101’ ended), song such as “Thank You“, “Look“, “Overcome“, “Love Paint“, “Daybreak“, “Hello“, and “FACE” took up 1-6 places on ‘suddenly rising’. “Hello”, their most-loved song, ranked #3 onMelOn for the majority of the. 

The boys also charted at #1 for 8 straight hours on Genie‘s real-time chart on the 17th: 

Congratulations to NU’EST. Hopefully we can see more of them soon. 



Mnet released an apology for the mistake 

After Produce 101‘s final episode, Mnetaccidentally posted a photo naming Kim Samuel as one of the show’s 11 finalists. 

This post included Kim Samuel, Kang Dongho, and Kim Jonghyun, none of which make the actual top 11. 

While Mnet quickly deleted the post and replaced these 3 withYoon JisungKim Jihwan, and Ha Sungwoon, many fans were left upset and confused

Mnet released an apology for the mistake along with the updated list of finalists. 

” Hello, I am the host of Produce 101’s Facebook page. I apologize for the confusion caused by the photo that was accidentally uploaded on this page on June 17, 3:20 A.M. The content was a sample image, and we have requested it to be changed. We will be more attentive in managing this page. We apologize once again.

— Mnet Staff ” 

In the end, Kang Dongho was ranked 13th, Kim Jonghyun was ranked 14th, and Kim Samuel was ranked 18th. 

Fans took to Twitter to show their disappointment and even got “NU’EST” and “Samuel” to Trend worldwide. 

” [➜ HEADLINE] After last night’s Produce 101 finale, NU’EST and Samuel were trending worldwide!

— Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) June 17, 2017 ”