FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Has Confirmed To Make His Drama Comeback 

FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki has confirmed his first appearance in a drama in three years.

He will be playing the role of P.K. in the upcoming tvN drama ‘Hwayugi’.

The new drama from the Hong Sisters’ is described as a romantic fantasy drama based on the novel ‘Journey to the West’.

Hongki has been confirmed to play the role of P.K who is described as a ‘monster’ who is living as a top global star.  The character is based on Zhu Baije from ‘Journey to the West’.  The character uses his popularity and social connections to gain information and go back and forth between Son Oh Gong andWoo Ma Wang

A source from the production has commented, “We are looking forward to the energy that Lee Hongki’s  excellent acting skills and bright charms will bring to the drama.”

Oh Yeon Seo will be playing Jin Sun Mi andCha Seung Won will be playing Woo Ma Wang.

The tvN drama is expected to commence airing in December 2017. 

SOURCE: KMusic, Lee Hongki official IG (@skullhong12), TVN 



TWICE Celebrating Of Their 2nd Debut Anniversary With Fans 

On October 20 at midnight KST, TWICE began the celebrations for their second anniversary by sharing a sweet poster that shows the love between them and their fans ONCE. 

The group also shared a fun video entitled “Who stole ONCE’s heart?” The video features the members pretending to the “criminal” who stole the hearts of their fans. 

TWICE personally sent messages to their fans in another video, where they expressed their thanks and love, and talked about all their great memories over the past two years. 

TWICE made their debut on October 20 of 2015 under JYP Entertainment, after being formed by the competition show “Sixteen.” They have since become a hugely successful group, and have released four mini albums so far in Korea.

The group is currently gearing up for a comeback on October 30 with their first full album “Twicetagram,” which will feature the title track “Likey.” 

Happy anniversary, TWICE! 

SOURCE: Soompi, JYP Entertainment 


FTISLAND Will Begin Their Europe Tour “FTISLAND  [X]” Visiting 6 Cities In Europe 

On October, 20th, FT Island will begin their Europe tour “FT Island X”, visiting 6 cities in Europe. Here is why you should grab the last tickets available before it is too late.  

FT Island, who debuted 10 years ago, launched their “FT Island [X]” tour this summer with their Seoul concerts. Even if you have missed the information, I am sure you already figured out that this tour celebrates their 10th anniversary. 

10 years is a long period of time for a group. It is a significant birthday, and celebrating such an important birthday isn’t an opportunity that European fans often have.
Why would you miss this chance ? Grab it instead !

Because it probably will have all the old and new songs you love

Even though the set-list for the Europe part of the tour might be different from the Seoul set-list, the songs played in Seoul still are a credible hint.

And as expected from an anniversary tour, the set-list included both old and new songs : I Hope (2010), Let It Go, Life (2012), Wind (2017)… Songs that represent FT Island well. From what Lee Hongki said in previous shows, those are also songs that represent FT Island’s growth into the group they wanted it to become.

Because FT Island are meant to be heard live

It probably is the case for most artists : their main purpose if performing their music on a stage. It goes for Korean artists too, but it is even more so in FT Island’s case.
Depending in the tours, the same song can be sung accoustic, or with a very rock-like instrumentation.
You never know what to expect – other than it’ll sound great anyway.

Because FT Island and European fans are pretty much a match made in heaven

It is a given that all artists love all of their fans – wherever they are.
But still, let’s go back to 2015 and FT Island’s first concert in Paris, France.
Back then, the fans impressed the group by singing along to most songs. They even created a choir to sing on “Severely”, as you can still see from many fancams. 

If the chemistry is the same for this Europe tour, this truly isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

This tour is brought to Europe by My Music Taste.
My Music Taste is a company that aims to bring artists to their fans, on fans’ request.
Visit their website to both buy tickets for this tour, and request for the next concert in your country. 

SOURCES: Kavenyou, FNC Entertainment, My Music Taste 


Park Hyung Sik Will Meet His Filipino Fans In His first Solo Fanmeeting In The Philippines 

The South Korean singer-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik will meet his Filipino fans in his first solo fan meet in the Philippines on November 11, 2017 at the KIA Theatre, brought by PULP Live World! 
He is looking forward to meet his fans soon, however, for unaware fans’ knowledge, this is not his first time in the country. 
Park Hyung Sik debuted as a member of a KPop boy group ZE:A in 2010 formed by Star Empire. He started his acting career in 2012 through SBS special drama ‘I Remember You’. He is also known for his character in his recent KDramas, ‘Hwarang’ as King Jinhyeung, and ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ as Ahn Min Hyuk. 



FTISLAND as Busan Lotte Hotel Ambassadors

2018 GLOBAL LEADING Lotte Hotel public relations model inauguration commemoration

FTISLAND fan meeting in BUSAN

Holding decision !!

FTISLAND with the power to hold the stage with a saved vocal and tough sound

“2018 GLOBAL LEADING Lotte Hotel PR Model Inauguration Memorial FTISLAND Fan Meeting” will be held.

Please welcome the powerful 2018 New Year together with the explosive and intense charisma unique to FTISLAND!

We are waiting for your participation! 

SOURCE: FNC Entertainment 


Girls’ Generation Made It Into The Guinness World Records 2018 

Girls’ Generation have broken countless records over the course of their 10-year career, and now the group have a new accolade to add to their extremely long list of achievements – Guiness World Record holder!

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Girls’ Generation made it into the Guinness World Records 2018, managing to claim a spot on the “Most Awards Won” list for winning a record-breaking 13 awards at the Melon Music Awards, more than any other artist at the event. 

This makes Girls’ Generation the fourth K-pop artist (and only K-pop girl group) to make in into the Guinness World Records 2018, ranking alongside BIGBANGBTS, and EXO

SOURCE: SBS POPASIA, Guiness World of Records