Mnet released an apology for the mistake 

After Produce 101‘s final episode, Mnetaccidentally posted a photo naming Kim Samuel as one of the show’s 11 finalists. 

This post included Kim Samuel, Kang Dongho, and Kim Jonghyun, none of which make the actual top 11. 

While Mnet quickly deleted the post and replaced these 3 withYoon JisungKim Jihwan, and Ha Sungwoon, many fans were left upset and confused

Mnet released an apology for the mistake along with the updated list of finalists. 

” Hello, I am the host of Produce 101’s Facebook page. I apologize for the confusion caused by the photo that was accidentally uploaded on this page on June 17, 3:20 A.M. The content was a sample image, and we have requested it to be changed. We will be more attentive in managing this page. We apologize once again.

— Mnet Staff ” 

In the end, Kang Dongho was ranked 13th, Kim Jonghyun was ranked 14th, and Kim Samuel was ranked 18th. 

Fans took to Twitter to show their disappointment and even got “NU’EST” and “Samuel” to Trend worldwide. 

” [➜ HEADLINE] After last night’s Produce 101 finale, NU’EST and Samuel were trending worldwide!

— Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) June 17, 2017 ” 




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