Park Hyung Sik considers Park Bo Young as his “Lucky Charm”

On a recent interview with ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ actor PARK HYUNG SIK, he shared his experience as a KPOP Idol turned actor. 

The actor said, there was a time in his life he wanted to search for himself and eventually, he found it on acting. He said, “I was so confident, but I was overburdened by the fact that the ‘STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON‘ will be my first lead role. The person who helped to relieve the burden wasPARK BO YOUNG

He considers Park Bo Yung as his ‘Lucky Charm’ as she turned things around. He added, “I’ve never seen such a lovely person before. If there is an ‘aura’ that each person has, I would say that the aura of the Park Bo Young is in a shape of a heart”. 

Thanks to Park Bo Young’s extraordinary ‘heart-shaped aura’, Park Hyung Suk was able to portray his role easily. 

SOURCE: ILoveKStars 



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