Park Hyung Sik talks about ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Season 2 

Actor Park Hyung Sik talks about his successful jTBC drama and the possibility of the second season. 

Acting as Ahn Minhyuk, which was an oddball chaebol heir and CEO of a gaming company, who hides his pain underneath his cheeky demeanor. After the success of the drama, and named as the highest jTBC rated drama, It’s unlikely that we will see a season 2 because the story lines were fleshed out so well.



PARK HYUNG SIK himself talks about the season 2 of the drama. In the drama, he ended up marrying Do Bong Soon with 2 daughters. He said about the sequel, “I think it would be funny if it happens, but the writer is doing something else and the director is preparing for it.” He also added, “If the proposal comes into contact with the company, I will review the company and meet with the director and decide on the situation.” But currently, he revealed that he is not ready to join the sequel yet, if the brainstorming starts. 

SOURCE: ILoveKStars 



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