​FTISLAND’s seventh Japanese album “UNITED SHADOWS” is filled with energy!

Korean band FTISLAND is back again with a new energetic Japanese album UNITED SHADOWS that went out in stores earlier today! This commemorates the band’s 10th anniversary since their Korean debut in 2007.
Thanks to the Grammy-winning producer Josh Wiber, the title and opening track Shadows stands out as one of the best songs from the album! Not only is it filled with lots of energy and power, but also spiced with a shy pinch of djent. Although the next song Mystery holds the same type of atmosphere, you’ll notice most of the remaining songs rests towards a dance-rock oriented style, turning the energetic mood into excitement instead.
As previously mentioned, FTISLAND is a Korean band, although, they’ve been working hard to please both of their fanbases without being biased to their home crowd. This is most notably by viewing the band’s discography, where you’ll see at least one full-length Japanese album and a single being released each year since 2009.


SOURCE : jrocknews 



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