BTS Interview With Billboard

BTS recently have their first interview with Billboard. 

BTS just finish their tour in brazil and now they are in the USA for their US tour. BTS said that Brazil fans was “Awesome” and Brazil ois really hot.

BTS have 43 Hits on Billboard and they are the only Kpop Group to be on the Top 200 album on Billboard. 

When BTS Ask how does it feel to be in Top 200 Album Chart on Billboard. 

It was crazy, It was like every major news in korea, our mom, friends and cousin called us. 

-Rap monster

When BTS ask how do they feel when they found out that their concert ticket was sold out in just hours?

When we heard it was soldout WHOA!!! Unbelievable!!

– Rap Monster

When they’re ask “Did you expect to be sold  out?”

We just hope, Be Good Please Be Sold Out.

– Rap Monster

To know more about BTS interview with Billboard please watch this video Billboard


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