Jackson Health Condition

On March 11 GOT7 held their fan merting in Japan and fans noticing that Jackson is not hinself. He is just quiet and after a few moments he was excused for the hi-touch portion of the fan meeting. 

The jackson requested that he needed to get back to see the aghase again then he is back on stage for the fan-sign portion of the fan meetings but unfortunately he collapsed in the table and rush to the backstage to seek medical attention. At the backstage he started to vomit so he was rush to the hospital. 

JYP Entertainment now confirm jackson health condition and he is now being monitored. Here is JYP Entertainment Full Statement. 

Jackson’s health suddenly fell to a bad state at the GOT7 fan meeting held on March 11. Soon, we came to the conclusion that his health wouldn’t allow him to continue on with the event, so he had to be excused from the last event, which was the high-touch. Currently, he is resting and concentrating on getting his condition back up.”

— JYP Entertainment

Source : Koreaboo


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