China Bans Any Form Of South Korean Entertainment

According to Shout China Morning Post. 

The chinese government is retaliating against the south korean government. South Korea made the decision to deploy the THAAD American Missile Defense System in the country. 

Everyone knows that china is a very profitable country for kpop and now the korean entertainement industry taking a huge hit. 

Korean star can no longer appear in any chinese show and any advertisements that has korean actor is now taken down. Even cosmetics products from south korea is taking a hit because if this recent issue. 

Because korean stars can no longer appeted in any chinese shows Song Jong Ki was dropped from the upcoming chinese drama Legend of Shushan and since october not one kpop star reportedly been allowed to enter china. 

Even their is a ban in kpop entertainment the fans of kpop still watch k drama in terms of illegal streaming. 

We hope that this recent incident that have a big impact in the kpop industry will already be taken care. 

Sources : 88risingDigital Music News


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