Kyungsoo (D.O) of EXO

When exo just starting the first person that i lay my eyes on was baekhyun because of his voice but here I am writting how exo kyungsoo change him self to the past year.

I don’t lay my eyes on kyungsoo before. I was too focus with baekhyun that i forgot that their is a lot to see in exo member other than baekhyun. 

Now I’m seeing kyungsoo as a boyfriend material. I don’t know how but he is.

When he sing I see a mature man.

Kyungsoo Singing

When he dance he will melt you down with his hotness moves.

Kyungsoo Dancing

When he just look at you you knew he is a boyfriend material. 

Kyungsoo with Chanyeol

Admin – Sushiilove


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